iHMS (Intelligent Hotel Management System)

User experience is prioritized when interfaces are designed. Developers directly interact with customers to ensure that the requirements are congregated efficiently as possible. Necessary investigations and researches are done about the targeted audience. Applications are optimized to work in the customers’ existing environment. Notification system make users stay updated with the system. The application is designed to allow multiple instances to be maintained, which make user to work the system to their capacity. Intelligent report printing system is hassle free.

  • Reservation Handling
  • Room Management
  • Menu Management
  • Stock Management
  • Stock Authorization
  • Rate Management
  • Front desk manager
  • Kitchen Management
  • Customized Reporting
  • Banquet and reception hall reservation and management
  • a la carte

Zhark - Intelligent Home Automation Platform

An intelligent platform for modern busy lifestyles. Get yourself in charge of your devices and appliances and know the difference... You will ask yourself if you were really in control of your devices. This platform gives you control over all your devices from switching on them remotely from your phone to making your coffee when you wake up! Across getting the power usage of each and every device across to predicting power consumption of each and every appliance in your home.

  • Mobile App for Android and iOS
  • Web Portal
  • Remote control of devices through the mobile app and web-portal
  • Power consumption Monitoring on individual devices
  • Power consumption Predictions
  • Intelligent Pattern learning system that adapts your lifestyle

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